Mrs. Michelle Kaltenbaugh
Grade 5 Math Teacher
Welcome to fifth grade!
This year we will be using the Go Math! series as your child did at the elementary level. You may note and question why directions are changed, problems omitted or pages removed.....this is done to ensure your child is exposed to PENNSYLVANIA COMMON CORE content.
Homework will typically given Monday-Thursday.  Your child is instructed to write this information in their agenda daily. However, there will be ample time in class to complete this as they follow rotations during class time.  Your child will turn it all homework/practice pages along with rotation center work every fifth day. I will go over, correct, make notes, staple them together and then return it to them with their score.  Any pages or partial pages not complete will be highlighted in pink.  Encourage your child to share this with you.
Something unique to my class - while we learn and practice concepts, your child will make their own math notebook.  Look for the hot pink duct tape on the binding!  This allows your child to make connections to learning using interactive vocabulary, visual representations, and real-world connections; all made by and included in the notebook by them.  It is a resource for them when doing math, studying for an exam and teaching someone at home what we are learning this year.
They need to use this as a guide to be sure they are correctly practicing the content.  If they ask for assistance, have them find the concept in their notebook first and try on their own.
Ask your child to share daily what they have written in their agenda.
It should contain assignments, test dates, and grade checks.